SAT in Review: The Jim Banks Student Action Team

Mar 29, 2016

SAT word Cloud 1 Three days. Twenty-two volunteers. Twenty-four thousand voter contacts. Those are the numbers behind Generation Joshua and HSLDA PAC's most recent Student Action Team. Sometimes, though, numbers don't tell the whole story -- so we thought we'd share some stories directly from the people involved in the SAT.

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Because He Lives

Mar 26, 2016

easter Take heart, rise up and take action. We know who is in control -- and we know how the story ends. As you celebrate Christ's resurrection, take a minute and think of the future. Because He lives, we don't have to live in fear. Because He lives, we have hope for tomorrow.

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Remembering Justice Antonin Scalia

Mar 10, 2016

anton My sister and I were phonebanking at a local presidential campaign office. Taking a break as the pizza arrived shortly after 5pm, my sister looked up from her phone, and in a quiet but urgent voice, uttered the last words I expected to hear that day: "Justice Scalia is dead."

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