Teen Civics Group Receives Award from The Heritage Foundation

Jan 28, 2022

Hey guys!

GenJ was recently honored by an award from The Heritage Foundation! This press release is going out to the world on Monday, but we wanted you all to get it first!

-The GenJ Staff

Daniel Heffington
Communications Manager
Generation Joshua

Purcellville, VA: Today, Generation Joshua, a national civics organization for teens, announced that they have been awarded the Level Up Civics 2021 National Civics Expo Award by The Heritage Foundation. 15 leading civics education providers were invited to present their organization in a “Shark Tank”-style pitch in front of a live virtual audience at the inaugural Level Up Civics Expo. A review panel of educators and students gave live feedback on each presentation. Then began a several-week review process that culminated in the judges’ decision. 

After deliberations, The Heritage Foundation reached out via letter to inform Generation Joshua that they had been selected for the award. Expo participants had overwhelmingly favored their pitch and particular emphasis on empowering young people to become informed and engaged citizens. 

Joel Grewe, Director of Generation Joshua, said, “We are honored to receive this award from The Heritage Foundation. Their track record of excellence and expertise is unparalleled, and they are doing a service to parents everywhere with initiatives like the Level Up Civics Expo. There is a lot of unhelpful and divisive content in the civics education space right now. But parents need to know that great resources do exist. Generation Joshua strives to offer those types of resources and we are grateful for this vote of confidence from the folks at Heritage.”   

After accepting the award, Generation Joshua Deputy Director Jeremiah Lorrig said, “The Heritage Foundation is investing in the future of America. Generation Joshua is passionate about empowering teens to fully engage with their citizenship. This award and recognition from Heritage is going to help us train and equip more teens than ever before.”  

Daniel Heffington, Communications Manager for Generation Joshua, also commented on the significance of the nod from the conservative think tank, saying, “Heritage has a huge audience. Their research and advocacy have rightfully earned them a place of trust and respect in the conservative movement. For them to choose to highlight Generation Joshua in this way is encouraging and exciting. The future of the conservative movement is bright.” 

About Generation Joshua: Generation Joshua is nonpartisan initiative of HSLDA Action. Founded in 2004, Generation Joshua has trained the next generation of conservative leaders and activists for over 15 years. Their multi-faceted approach to civics education incorporates online classes, local clubs, immersive government simulations, and opportunities for practical campaign experience. 


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