Staff Team

Joel Grewe

Joel Grewe - Executive Director, HSLDA Action

Joel Grewe is the Executive Director of HSLDA Action, the parent organization of Generation Joshua. He is married to Christie Grewe, and they have three growing boys. He is a native of Washington State and a graduate of Eastern Washington University. Follow Joel on Facebook and  Twitter.

Jeremiah Lorrig

Jeremiah Lorrig - Director

Jeremiah serves as the Director of Generation Joshua. He focuses on improving projects, growing engagement, and making sure that students are empowered to make a difference while having a good time. Follow Jeremiah on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Glenn Bertsch

Glenn Bertsch - Program Administrator

Glenn joined GenJ in the early years as a student, interned in the office during college, and has been working with us full time since then. He runs our clubs program as well as being one of our top teachers and expert on Congressional processes. His wing chapels at camp are legendary, his knowledge is vast, his experience great, and his heart for the students impacting.  Follow Glenn on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Daniel Heffington

Daniel Heffington - Communications Director

Daniel Heffington grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pro-life advocacy caused him to become active in state politics as a young homeschooler. Now in his role as Communications Manager for Generation Joshua, Daniel leads publications, marketing, and messaging efforts for a national nonprofit. His background in small business, grassroots politics, and ministry has prepared him to tackle multifaceted challenges and opportunities for the organization. Daniel has a passion for ministry and healthy leadership and has a heart for equipping young people to change the world. He loves meeting new people and helping to create life-giving cultures for teams accomplishing great missions. Daniel is also a worship leader, recording artist, and coffee enthusiast. He lives in Berryville, Virginia with his wife, Abigail, and their three children: Ellie, Piper, and Tucker. Follow Daniel on FacebookTwitterSpotify, and Instagram.

Brandt Edmonston

Brandt Edmonston – Project Manager

Brandt Edmonston serves as the project manager for Generation Joshua. He is most (in)famous for his role in ensuring the production of the iGovern summer camp simulations each year. When not at work, Brandt is a husband, father of three, and closet nerd. Follow Brandt on Facebook, Instagram, or, if you are a nerd too, on his hobby Instagram.

E K Headshot 2023

Elissa Kruse - Office Manager

Elissa is a homeschool graduate who is passionate about making a difference in the world around her. Through a friend’s recommendation, she became involved with Generation Joshua in 2008 as a high schooler, discovering a community that was as crazy about American politics and policy as she was, and she never looked back. Currently, Elissa works full-time as the Office Manager coordinating events and helping Generation Joshua with all their administrative needs. She loves teaching and has spent all her adult life mentoring and training middle and high school-aged students to become the leaders and world shapers they are called to be. You will find Elissa hanging out with friends when she's not working, painting with watercolors, or enjoying a good book or movie. Follow Elissa on Instagram.

Elizabeth Schatzinger

Elizabeth Schatzinger – Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth grew up moving every few years but is now happy to live in the Washington, D.C. area. She was a student with Generation Joshua through high-school and is currently pursuing a degree with Patrick Henry College while serving as administrative assistant for GenJ. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram.

Abigail Hoke

Abigail Hoke - Development Coordinator

Abigail grew up in the state of Hawaii, and in a homeschooling family of seven. She was introduced to grassroots politics at the age of 13 by campaigning for her local gubernatorial race, a strong candidate she came to admired. After attending GenJ’s iGovern Pacific in 2014, she has been involved with GenJ as a student and eventually intern before coming on full time in 2020. In her free time Abigail enjoys film photography, exploring Virginia with friends, going to used bookstores, and comparing the Atlantic Ocean to the far superior Pacific Ocean.