iCitizen: Civic Literacy for Young Americans

iCitizen is our premier civics curriculum. iCitizen: Civic Literacy for Young Americans will equip your student with the practical and historical knowledge every American needs to be an engaged citizen.

This second edition curriculum highlights the purpose of the Constitution, the structure of America’s government and economic system, the role of American diplomacy, expressions of patriotism, and provides an introduction to American parties and politics. Perfect as a half-credit, stand-alone civics course for high school students, iCitizen is also excellent preparation for accelerated middle school students. See the syllabus below for details or read the first chapter for free below!

iCitizen comes with a teacher's companion that includes a recommended syllabus, quizzes with answer key, and possible essay assignments. 

This curriculum is used by homeschoolers across the country and our partners at the HSLDA Online Academy use it in their class iCitizenLive! If you want to take this class with the HSLDA Online Academy, you can save $30 on the live online class by using the discount code: ACGenJ. 

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