Classes & Simulations

There are many different ways to learn and grow as a Generation Joshua member. Below is a list of the opportunities and events that we offer. While each of these programs has a unique emphasis, they all share a common goal: equipping teens to learn how their government works and how they can make a difference today by embracing their God-given potential.

GenJ Clubs

Generation Joshua, on the local level. This allows members to get together on the local level and make a difference in their community. Read more »

Civics Education

Generation Joshua’s Civics Education offers online self-paced courses for students of all ages. At the end of the readings students are able to put what they’ve learned into practice via a quiz. Read more »

iGovern Leadership Camps

iGovern provides leadership and character development opportunities through the real-world crises scenario, team building challenges, and daily corporate chapel. Read more » 

Student Action Teams

This feature of our program gets students involved directly in electing pro-life and pro-family candidates. Read more » 

Leadership Corps

The Generation Joshua Leadership Corps offers endless opportunities for you to use your talents in leadership to make a difference in the lives of young people and in the future of our nation. Read more »