The following article was written by Hannah Fritz after she testified before the Washington State legislature taking a stand for the life of the unborn.  

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” - Ronald Reagan 

Me, sorting through letters that constituents
gave me to give to legislators

So often in today’s society of millennials, we put off, procrastinate, and push aside things that aren’t right at the top of our, what’s going to make me happy or give me instant gratification, list. This isn’t the kind of generation or culture I want to remember when I look back and ask, “What did we do?” Did we hold fast, and take a stand to defend our God given beliefs? Did we do anything?

I’ve only had the privilege of being involved with Generation Joshua for a little less than a year now, but the time spent working on Student Action Teams was not only life changing, but eye opening. There’s a reason HSLDA is willing to pay for teens and youth to work on campaigns around the country. It’s simple. We have an impact. We’re a young new blooded and new faced generation, with hopes and dreams for our country and its future. Because of the rarity of this, we make an impact when we not only stand but speak out for our beliefs. We’re noticed because we are the minority.

My boss, Danille, Rose
and I at the March for Life

God has gifted me with a strong passion for the political arena, and I have been blessed to be able to take that passion and turn it into action. Throughout 2014, I had the amazing privilege to intern for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, an organization built to promote the ideas of life, marriage, religious liberty and parental rights in the state of Washington. In early January this year, I was hired as a part time session assistant to the Grassroots Director. Through this opportunity, I was given the chance to help with Washington State’s Annual March for Life, as FPIW was the organization orchestrating it this particular year. It was amazing to see families, citizens, legislators, and young groups such as the Students for Life come out and stand for their beliefs. Seeing how many people cared, and what they were doing about it made me want to do more too.
So, when the opportunity came for me to testify against an Abortion Insurance Mandate before the House, I took it. This mandate would be taking away my choice to choose an insurance plan that did not directly subsidize someone else’s abortion, contraception, or sterilization. They said they wanted to give women more choice, but in doing so, they were taking away my individual choice to not support the killing of babies.

Two other people testified with me
I didn’t do much in the big scheme of things, but I did something, and I know I affected my legislators, glaring at me from their seats on the committee, and the cluster of Planned Parenthood supporters who froze when I said my age. To say the least, they were shocked to see that someone so young cared enough to speak up against their double standard. They heard me, now let them hear you.

By Hannah Fritz (18)
Generation Joshua member from Washington State 

Check out the below 3 minute video of Hannah's testimony

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