D.C. March For Life 2020

Jan 29, 2020

This past Friday marked the 47th annual March For Life in Washington, D.C. and it was an amazing day. GenJ students and staff reunited to attend the March together and hang out. Tens of thousands or people gathered to show their support for Life. Among the many speakers on stage was President Donald Trump, who made the event even more historic by being the first U.S. President to appear at the March. The feeling in the air was one of intense energy, optimism, and hope. Being there, you could not help but to feel these things as we celebrated life under the liberty and freedom of speech our incredible country provides. We gathered in unity to express how life is worth fighting for. Below are a series of photos from the day!


Some of our GenJ meet-up crew, ready to March!




Just one frame of the many thousands of people who showed up to support Life.




Can you spy a Joel Grewe?



There he is! (Can you tell how he feels about this year’s turnout?)



Yes, that is a custom hand painted sign!




Taking a quick break along the March route.  Almost there!



What a beautiful sight. Thousands of people gathering to exercise their First Amendment rights in front of the United States Capitol!



Former GenJ intern Hannah Fritz met us outside her office for a quick chat! She is now doing exciting things in the administration. 



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