The Vision of Generation Joshua is to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow. 

To accomplish these goals, Generation Joshua provides training opportunities for teenagers.  Our goal is to use these opportunities to challenge teens to stand up for what is right, to grow in their own beliefs, and to learn about how they can make a difference in their communities and nation.

At Generation Joshua, we believe that real leaders must stand for their beliefs.  Many of today’s “leaders” do not actually want to lead; they just want to be the top person in charge.  That is not leadership, it is celebrity.  True leaders want to lead people to make a difference and to stand up for what is right.  And that first requires the leader to have a core set of beliefs upon which to act.

Our goal at Generation Joshua is to cultivate leaders and to equip them to use their beliefs to influence the political process.  All of our programs either challenge youth to strengthen their beliefs, or give youth the opportunity to put their beliefs into action.  We know that not every person is called to enter the political arena, but every person should be a leader who is willing to stand up for what is right, wherever they are called to serve. To that end, Generation Joshua exists.

We, as Christians, are called to be good stewards of our family, our community, and our nation. Generation Joshua provides opportunities for youth to be good stewards in their communities (through our club program) and in our nation (through our Student Action Teams).

GenJ color1 sealGeneration Joshua wants America to be a beacon of biblical hope to the world around us.  We seek to inspire every one of our members with faith in God and a hope of what America can become as we equip Christian citizens and leaders to impact our nation for Christ and for His glory. 

Stay strong and courageous,

Jeremiah M. Lorrig
Director of Generation Joshua

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Generation Joshua is a member-based program, that is, in order to take advantage of all that we offer, you must first become a member. The cost is minimal, and the benefits far outweigh the costs.  At conferences we have been asked many times, “What’s the catch?” and “This seems too good to be true!”  The reality is, we have made a commitment to educate and train the next generation about their civic responsibilities and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet this goal. 

As with any program, teens will get out of the program the amount of effort they put in. There are no obligations associated with membership, but there are many opportunities to be involved. 

How Do I Join?

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What does it cost?

An Annual Student Membership is $35. (If you are a member of HSLDA, you can sign up for $25! Must have a valid membership number.)