Thousands of parents and students are part of Generation Joshua across the country. Here is what others are saying about GenJ:

“The opportunity Generation Joshua Camps provide for young people throughout the nation is one that should not be passed up.  We can't stress enough how important it is for our children to understand the constitution, the beliefs our country was founded on and the sacrifices that were made and will need to be made to protect our freedoms.”  –Meredith G.

“I joined GenJ in 2006 at the age of 13. Throughout high school I attended two camps, multiple SATs and was very active in the online community. At the age of 22, I can say that GenJ made a huge impact on my life. I found friends who were as passionate about current events and politics as I was, adults who respected my opinions and challenged my thinking, leaders who taught me to rise above expectations, and lifelong friends who I can still call up at a moment’s notice.” –Sara H.

"The Generation Joshua Student Action Teams that came to Arkansas gave us a critical edge in turning voters out to the polls. The parents, team leaders, and students all did a great job and worked well with our campaign team. I was impressed with their level of organization, dedication, and professionalism. I am very grateful I had their support." 
–Senator Tom Cotton


“Generation Joshua is the best use of our students' time that I can think of. How wonderful to understand that they are too young to vote but NOT too young to make a difference in their world. I love all the friendships we've made with like-minded students and parents, especially on the Student Action Teams. Thank you, GenJ, for making such an awesome opportunity happen!” –Margie H.

“What was in balance here was the balance of power for the State Senate. I knew the election was gonna be very, very tight, it was almost like a David and Goliath. And to be encouraged by such [a] motivated group of young people who are so focused and dedicated to restoring our founding principles and believe in what this country is about; literally, they were the deciding factor in our victory, which we won the election by 226 votes.” –VA State Senator Bryce Reeves 

“I witnessed just how hard-working teens can be when we are given an opportunity to stand up for what we believe in.” –Holly F.