The Constitutional Convention

One of the main purposes of this course is for students to become more familiar with the central themes of the Convention. The course is divided into three parts: background “lectures,” the scripts of the debates, and quizzes for each of the lectures.

The course is designed for GenJ Clubs or support groups, but can be taken by individual students. The suggested format is to print the lectures and scripts, and have individual students read the lectures out loud, then do the scripts. For example, a student would read aloud the Virginia Plan lecture, and then the body of students would read the script of the Virginia Plan. Once the lectures and scripts have been completed, the quizzes should be taken.

Course Stats

Total Lessons: 7

Total Pages: 127

Debate Script: 96 pages

Lesson 1: 5 pages

Lesson 2: 10 pages

Lesson 3:pages

Lesson 4:pages

Lesson 5:pages

Lesson 6:pages

Lesson 7:pages

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