Democracy in America

This class is simply a syllabus-style guide to reading through the most insightful portions of Democracy in America (Mansfield Translation)Democracy in America. Each reading assignment of about 23 pages is followed by a multiple choice quiz. You must either purchase the book (recommended), or utilize an online version (Example:, since the text is not provided in the lesson itself.

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Total Lessons: 6

Total Pages: 138

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Special Instructions

Note: This course requires an additional purchase

Because of how Democracy in America is set up as a book, we highly recommend that you follow the syllabus laid out below in order to properly prepare for each lesson’s quiz. There are a few places on the World Wide Web where you can access an online version of the book, but most do not include page numbers (Example:

This directed reading is based on the 2002 paperback Democracy in America (Mansfield Translation)translation by Harvey Mansfield, published by The University of Chicago Press. Hard copies of the book should be available at your local library or can be purchased for for varying amounts depending on the publishing date, condition or the book, special paper or binding, etc. Check your local bookstore or online stores like Democracy in America can be found by searching under the title or author, or by the ISBN number: 0-226-80532-8.

We have divided the Democracy in America into 6 lessons. Each lesson provides students with the opportunity to study the thoughts and predictions of Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville concerning a young America. Be sure to read carefully and thoroughly if you wish to score well on each test. This curriculum may seem tedious at points, but is well worth the time and effort. If necessary, do not be afraid to reread the sections you do not understand the first time. Also, even though each test is “open book” be sure to take notes on each lesson so you will be well prepared for the following quiz.

Additional optional reading

For additional information on Alexis de Tocqueville or his works, including Democracy in America be sure to check out on the World Wide Web.