iGovern Scholarship Application

iGovern Scholarship Information

Scholarship Deadline: Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis as funds are available.

For paper applications,  click here.

Send paper applications to:
   Generation Joshua
   iGovern Scholarship Application
   One Patrick Henry Circle
   Purcellville, VA 20132

   Or email to  info@generationjoshua.org

Scholarship Requirements

Student must:

  1. Have participated in community service
  2. Include written original essay (limit to 3 pages typed) on:
    1. The impact of your community service on your life.
    2. Your various community service experiences and the ministry opportunities provided by those experiences.
    3. The greatest lesson/life skill learned through your community service experiences; or
    4. How God has used your experiences to prepare you for political involvement and leadership. (Use illustrations from your community service and academic activities.)
  3. Have two letters of recommendation. Letters from family members are discouraged:
    1. A character reference; AND
    2. A recommendation from an adult/instructor who witnessed your participation in community service.  

Process of Selection:

  1. Community service:
    1. The specific activities,
    2. Duration of the activity,
    3. The estimated hours.
  2. Volunteer awards or honors: We will consider the purpose, the source, and the degree of the award/honor.
  3. Demonstrated financial distress will be taken into consideration in determining the student’s financial needs. If applicable, please provide documentation to that effect.
  4. Letters of recommendations: We will evaluate the content of the recommendations as we select the scholarship recipients.
  5. Essay: We will evaluate the quality of the essay as we select the scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Award

  1. In most cases, scholarship recipients will be notified two weeks after all documentation has been received.
  2. Any scholarship will be paid to Generation Joshua and credited to the recipients outstanding balance account. Most scholarship grants are designed to cover a portion of the registration fee of camp. 


  1. The application may be found at www.generationjoshua.org/scholarshipapp
  2. Return completed application and all accompanying documents to:

       Generation Joshua
       iGovern Scholarship Application 
       One Patrick Henry Circle
       Purcellville, VA 20132 

       Or email to info@generationjoshua.org.

  3. Follow up with those writing letters of recommendation. Your application will not be complete until we receive them.