Leadership Academy

Are you passionate about ministry and politics? Looking to take a gap year?

Introducing the Generation Joshua Leadership Academy! This yearlong program is designed  for students to gain real world experience and to grow their faith as they take a break from academics. It is a time of focused growth, where students are equipped for politics, effective leadership skills and practical ministry. As a Leadership Academy student, you will be given opportunities not only to be poured into and mentored, but to exercise your own ministry dexterity, and ultimately, grow in your capabilities as a leader and follower of Christ. During this internship you will make the slow transition from learning to teaching.

The Leadership Academy runs from September to August. As an Academy student, you will participate in classes, assigned reading, a book club, and educational excursions to historical sites in the D.C.  area. You will become a key member of the GenJ team in training up the next generation of leaders.

Hands on Experience

Staff GenJ events around the country! You will become a key part of the GenJ team, and have a unique opportunity to delve into effective ministry and applied leadership. From iGovern Leadership Camps in Virginia and Colorado, to Teen Intensive programs in places like Florida, Arizona, and North Dakota, you never know where the #GenJlife will take you!

Educational Excursions

Visit historical sites such as Jamestown, Gettysburg, Washington DC and more.

Leadership Classes

You will delve into leadership theory, civics & politics, applied ministry, and more in the Leadership Academy classes.