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iGovern Statecraft

At iGovern Statecraft, you will spend the week as an official of the Executive Branch, a world news journalist, or a foreign ambassador. 

As a U.S. official, you will be entrusted with the United States foreign policy, our diplomatic, intelligence, and military resources, and a very sticky international crisis. You can also choose to represent a different nation. Delegations will be attending an international summit where they will be tasked with competing priorities and agendas from their respective homelands. Journalists will hold all parties accountable and make sure the people are informed as to what is happening and how it impacts their lives. 

During a week of highly detailed simulation and in-depth instruction, you will test current ideas, consider new approaches, and come away with a much deeper understanding of the affairs of nations. You will learn what leadership means, participate in team games, and develop lasting friendships with your fellow students and counselors.

This is iGovern Statecraft: Politics on an international stage.

Program Overview

So much to do, so little time! Each day at a Generation Joshua iGovern camp is jam-packed with activities. Whether it’s starting the day with an uplifting chapel service, listening to inspiring speakers, strategizing with your team, drafting proposals to win support in the international community, or participating in any number of recreational activities, this camp promises to keep you busy!


Each day, the drama of the simulation pauses as staff and students gather for worship and a message from one of our camp speakers during Chapel sessions.

Over the years, Chapel has become the single most highlighted aspect of the week in camper feedback forms and testimonies. Life-changing ministry takes place as students are encouraged and inspired by the truth of God's word and the hope of the Gospel.

At the end of each day, students have the chance to ask questions and dive deeper during small group devotions led by the camp counselor in their wing.

Lectures and Speakers

At iGovern, participants will hear from prominent conservative leaders and thinkers. Past speakers include:

  • Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States

  • Ben Sasse, U.S. Senator

  • Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator

  • Virginia Foxx, U.S. Congresswoman

  • Tom McClintock, U.S. Congressman

  • Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family

  • Wendy Wright, Former President of Concerned Women for America

  • Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity

  • Lila Rose, President of LiveAction

  • Ryan Bomberger, Founder of The Radiance Foundation


At camp, your job will be to navigate the (often murky) waters of international politics--along with the competing interests, ideals, and morals that come with the territory. To succeed, you will need to balance firm resolve with diplomatic tact. On the world stage, you never have the power to unilaterally enforce your will. You must cultivate alliances, cooperate effectively, and choose your battles wisely.

Fun and Games

iGovern gives you the chance to connect with old friends and make new ones during our packed week-long program. You'll connect over shared interests and causes, and develop these friendships as you work and play together.


Eligibility & Pricing Guide

Generation Joshua tries to make its camps as affordable as possible to teens and their families. Toward that end, our prices are often below the costs of comparable camps. We encourage all of our potential participants to start saving today. Camp is more affordable than you might think!

Eligibility and Age

iGovern Statecraft is open to any Generation Joshua member between the ages of 14–19.


The cost for the entire week of camp is $695. If you register before March 1, you will be given a $75 registration discount. If you register between March 1 and April 15, you will be given a $50 registration discount. Registrations after July 11 will be charged a $60 expedited processing fee.

A $50 discount is available for HSLDA member families.

As a thank you for your service, we are offering a $100 discount to children of parents in full time or retired ministry or active/retired military.

Pricing includes transportation from the designated arrival airport to camp and back, lodging, food (17 meals — Sunday evening through Saturday morning), access to all activities, and a great time!

Cancellation Policy

Your camp registration includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. Of the remaining amount the following applies:

  • If you cancel on or before April 18 you will receive 100% of your refundable deposit.
  • If you cancel on or before July 11 you will receive 50% of your refundable deposit.
  • If you cancel after July 11 you will not receive a refund.

Please Note: If you are attending both iGovern East and iGovern Statecraft and staying at Regent University on July 30, there will be one $85 charge added to your account to cover room and board between the camps.

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