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Generation Joshua’s Distance Learning offers online self-paced courses for member students and families. Each course consists of multiple lessons of assigned readings in PDF format, followed by an online, automated quiz. Select courses also include discussion and essay questions assigned at the discretion of the teacher.

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Costs: There is currently no additional cost to Generation Joshua Members for our distance learning classes. They are part of the benefits that come with a two-year or family membership to Generation Joshua.

Software Requirements: Our courses require Adobe Reader to open PDF files. You can download the latest version for free by clicking here. Also, since most files open in a new window, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker for www.generationjoshua.org.

The Founding Fathers

It is our goal that by completing the work in this course, students will have a strong working knowledge of the thoughts and ideas that our country was founded on. There are many exciting things to learn from the founders, both from their personal and political lives, and it is fascinating to see the differences in opinion they had, from the strong federalism of Alexander Hamilton to the equally strong ant-federalism of Thomas Jefferson. By immersing themselves in the thoughts and writings of these men, students will gain a greater understanding of the ideas that drove the founding of our country.

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Campaign School

Generation Joshua staff share what it takes to win a successful campaign. This includes discussions on: attitudes of a successful candidate, questions to answer before running, what to do before deciding to run, six steps to winning a campaign, campaign plans, the media, fundraising, precinct walking and campaign signs, what to do in the field, volunteers, research, mailings, campaigning in public, polls, election day, etc.

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Revolution Era Sermons

This course consists of 4 lessons and provides students with the opportunity to study the sermons that impacted America’s Founders.

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