Founding Documents

America's Founding Documents

America’s early history is rich with influential documents that helped shape the growth of our budding nation. These documents contain more than just laws and procedure; they shed light on the ideals and philosophies of early Americans on subjects such as liberty, religion, and the security of the common good.

Generation Joshua’s America’s Founding Documents course takes students on a journey from the First Charter of Virginia (1606) through documents like the Mayflower Compact (1620), Pennsylvania Frame for Government (1682), Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress (1765), and the Declaration of Independence (1776) through the Northwest Ordinance (1787). Lessons average 18 pages each.

Taking the Course

To start the course, simply click on the chapter you wish to read. If you do not wish to read the chapter online, you may print out a copy for yourself. See the syllabus for a suggested schedule of readings.

Once you have completed a chapter, review the material so you confidently grasp the main concepts, persons, events, and dates. Then click on the corresponding quiz to take that chapter's quiz. Remember, you can only take each quiz once.