Campaign School

Campaign School: Successful Campaigning

Generation Joshua staff share what it takes to win a successful campaign. This includes discussions on: attitudes of a successful candidate, questions to answer before running, what to do before deciding to run, six steps to winning a campaign, campaign plans, the media, fundraising, precinct walking and campaign signs, what to do in the field, volunteers, research, mailings, campaigning in public, polls, election day, etc.

Each lesson is accompanied by one or two assignments designed to encourage students to think through important aspects of campaigning from all angles. Assignments range from writing speeches to planning events to art and design projects in order to engage young politicians no matter their interests.

Taking the Course

To start the course, simply click on the chapter you wish to read. If you do not wish to read the chapter online, you may print out a copy for yourself. See the syllabus for a suggested schedule of readings.

Once you have completed a chapter, review the material so you confidently grasp the main concepts, persons, events, and dates. Then click on the corresponding quiz to take that chapter's quiz. Remember, you can only take each quiz once.