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What is iGovern?

Generation Joshua’s iGovern Summer Leadership Camps are a hands-on, educational experience for students ages 14-19 (14-17 for iGovern East and Statecraft). During the weeklong camps, students take on a role such as a member of Congress, a journalist, or an ambassador from a foreign country and engage in projects such as drafting and passing legislation, reporting on the news of the day, participating in international diplomacy, or even running for President of the United States. All this while learning through an interactive scenario that will challenge them to think through what his or her Christian faith means in our world.

Interspersed throughout the day are lectures and games to foster good teamwork and encourage friendship and at the end of each day, the simulation pauses as staff and students gather for worship and a message from one of our camp speakers during our Chapel sessions.

Whether it’s exploring our Nation’s Capital during iGovern East and iGovern Statecraft camps or Focus on the Family (including Whit’s End from Adventures in Odyssey) and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, CO at iGovern West, every location offers a unique experience.

Generation Joshua’s iGovern Summer Leadership Camps are the only camps where Christianity, real-world politics, adventure, and fun are brought together in a seamless blend to inspire and challenge your child spiritually, educationally, and physically.